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Days of Heaven on Earth

Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Jesus will come into our surrendered lives and unite Himself with us, imparting to us His own life and being. From day to day, He will become the supply of our spiritual needs and the substitute for our helplessness.

Our part is simply to yield fully, recognizing our worthlessness, and then taking Jesus Himself to live in us and be, moment by moment, our strength and purity and victory.

One in His death on the tree,

One as He rose from the dead;

I from the curse am as free

E'en as my glorious Head.

One in His merits I stand,

One as I pray in His name,

All that His worth can demand

I may with confidence claim.

All that He has shall be mine,

All that He is I shall be;

Robed in His glory divine,

I shall be even as He.


As he is, so are we in this world1 John 4:17


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