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Days of Heaven on Earth

Wednesday, December 02, 2020

It is not losing all but coming short that we are to fear. We may not lose our souls, but we may lose something more precious than life-God's full approval, His highest choice and our incorruptible and star-gemmed crown. It is the one degree more that makes all the difference between hot water-powerless in the boiler and steam.

I want, in this short life of mine,

As much as can be pressed

Of service true for God and man;

Help me to be my best.

I want, among the victory throng,

To have my name confessed;

And hear my Master say at last,

Well done, you did your best.

Give me, 0 Lord, Thy highest choice;

Let others take the rest;

Their good things have no charm for me,

For I have got Thy best.


Looking diligently lest any man failHebrews 12:15


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