Tozer Devotional Collective Writings from the Books of A.W. Tozer 1440 <![CDATA[Dead to Sin, Alive in Christ]]>
     My God, shall sin its power maintain
          And in my soul defiant live!
          ‘Tis not enough that Thou forgive,
     The cross must rise and self be slain.

     O God of love, Thy power disclose:
          ‘Tis not enough that Christ should rise,
          I, too, must seek the brightening skies,
     And rise from death, as Christ arose.
           Greek Hymn]]>
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<![CDATA["What Shall We Do?"]]> Mon, 15 Oct 2018 07:00:00 -0600 <![CDATA[The Central Sun]]> Sun, 14 Oct 2018 07:00:00 -0600 <![CDATA[The Original Voice]]> Sat, 13 Oct 2018 07:00:00 -0600 <![CDATA[The Handiwork of God]]>
Know then thyself, presume not God to scan:
The proper study of mankind is man,

if followed literally would destroy any possibility of man's ever knowing himself in any but the most superficial way. We can never know who or what we are till we know at least something of what God is. For this reason the self-existence of God is not a wisp of dry doctrine, academic and remote; it is in fact as near as our breath and as practical as the latest surgical technique. For reasons known only to Himself, God honored man above all other beings by creating him in His own image. And let it be understood that the divine image in man is not a poetic fancy, not an idea born of religious longing. It is a solid theological fact, taught plainly throughout the Sacred Scriptures and recognized by the Church as a truth necessary to a right understanding of the Christian faith.]]>
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<![CDATA[God Is Independent of Matter and Space]]>
     Timeless, spaceless, single, lonely,
          Yet sublimely Three,
     Thou art grandly, always, only
          God in Unity!
     Lone in grandeur, lone in glory,      Who shall tell Thy wondrous story?           Awful Trinity!
          Frederick W. Faber

It is not a cheerful thought that millions of us who live in a land of Bibles, who belong to churches and labor to promote the Christian religion, may yet pass our whole lives on this earth without once having thought or tried to think seriously about the being of God. Few of us have let our hearts gaze in wonder at the I AM, the self-existent Self back of which no creature can think. Such thoughts are too painful for us. We prefer to think where it will do more good—about how to build a better mousetrap, for instance, or how to make two blades of grass grow where one grew before. And for this we are now paying a too heavy price in the secularization of our religion and the decay of our inner live.]]>
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<![CDATA[The Idea of the Uncreated]]> Wed, 10 Oct 2018 07:00:00 -0600 <![CDATA[Someone Who Was Made of None]]>
"God has no origin," said Novatian, and it is precisely this concept of no-origin that distinguishes That-which-is-God from whatever is not God. Origin is a word that can apply only to things created. When we think of anything that has origin, we are not thinking of God. God is self-existent, while all created things necessarily originated somewhere at some time. Aside from God, nothing is self-caused. By our effort to discover the origin of things, we confess our belief that everything was made by Someone who was made of none. By familiar experience we are taught that everything "came from" something else. Whatever exists must have had a cause that antidates it and was at least equal to it, since the lesser cannot produce the greater. Any person or thing may be at once both caused and the cause of someone or something else; and so, back to the One who is the cause of all but is Himself caused by none.]]>
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<![CDATA[Harmonious Unity]]>
     O Blessed Trinity!
   O simplest Majesty! O Three in One!
     Thou art for ever God alone.
        Holy Trinity!
        Blessed equal Three.
        One God, we praise Thee.
          Frederick W. Faber]]>
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<![CDATA[Instant, Immediate Communion]]>
     Amid the eternal silences
          God’s endless Word was spoken;
     None heard but He who always spake,
          And the silence was unbroken.

     O marvellous! O worshipful!
          No song or sound is heard,
     But everywhere and every hour
     In love, in wisdom, and in power,
   The Father speaks His dear Eternal Word.
          Frederick W. Faber]]>
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<![CDATA[Three Person, Coeternal, Together and Equal]]>
     I believe in the Holy Spirit
     The Lord and giver of life,
     Which proceedeth from the Father and the Son,
     Who with the Father and Son together
     Is worshipped and glorified.

Apart from the question of whether the Spirit proceeds from the Father alone or from the Father and the Son, this tenet of the ancient creed has been held by the Eastern and Western branches of the Church and by all but a tiny minority of Christians. The authors of the Athanasian Creed spelled out with great care the relation of the three Persons to each other, filling in the gaps in human thought as far as they were able while staying within the bounds of the inspired Word. "In this Trinity," runs the Creed, "nothing is before or after, nothing is greater or less: but all three Persons coeternal, together and equal." How do these words harmonize with the saying of Jesus, "My Father is greater than I"? Those old theologians knew, and wrote into the Creed, "Equal to His Father, as touching His Godhead; less than the Father, as touching His manhood,"and this interpretation commends itself to every serious-minded seeker after truth in a region where the light is all but blinding. To redeem mankind the Eternal Son did not leave the bosom of the Father; while walking among men He referred to Himself as "the only begotten son which is in the bosom of the Father," and spoke of Himself again as "the Son of man which is in heaven." We grant mystery here, but not confusion. In His incarnation the Son veiled His deity, but He did not void it. The unity of the Godhead made it impossible that He should surrender anything of His deity. When He took upon Him the nature of man, He did not degrade Himself or become even for a time less than he had been before. God can never become less than Himself. For God to become anything that He has not been is unthinkable.]]>
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<![CDATA[Jesus and the Father Are One]]>
     I believe in one Lord Jesus Christ,
     The Only-begotten Son of God,
     Begotten of Him before all ages,
     God of God, Light of Light,
     Very God of Very God,
     Begotten, not made,
     Being of one substance with the Father,
     By whom all things were made.

For more than 1,600 years, this has stood as the final test of orthodoxy, as well it should, for it condenses in theological language the teaching of the New Testament concerning the position of the Son in the Godhead.]]>
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